Yoga and Pilates classes

As well as offering one-to-one sessions flexifitness offer a jam packed timetable filled with specialist bad back classes, yoga, traditional Pilates and a relaxing Pilates format which incorporates exercises to release knots and tension within the body! The sessions are available to everyone aged 16 or over or 14+ with an adult. All abilities are welcome as each exercise has been designed to have different modifications that can make it easier or harder depending on your needs. If you are nervous or unsure which class to attend then the 30 minute sessions for Bad Backs are the best to start off with, you will receive a friendly introduction to Yoga or Pilates and then decide whether it's right for you. You can stay in that class or try out one of our longer sessions. Pilates to Relax is a great choice for those who don't want to go to a 'bad back' class but would like a low-impact, relaxing session where we will release the shoulders, neck, spine (especially lower back) and hips. Yoga and Fitness Pilates are a nice middle ground with a bit of everything and if you're looking for more of a challenge then the Yoga/Pilates mix will give you a whole body workout from head to toe.

It's easy

Flexifitness exercise classes run on a PAY AS YOU GO basis with no need to book in advance.  Simply turn up wearing comfortable clothing, bring a water bottle and a towel and let us do the rest!

Why try our Yoga/Pilates sessions?
  1. Exercising with others is fun and creates a motivating and enjoyable atmosphere!
  2. You are more likely to work harder and therefore will gain better results than if you were to exercise alone
  3. Lots of support from your class mates - you're all in it together!
  4. Exercising with others can make the idea of working out seem less of a chore
  5. Each class is carefully structured so that you are guaranteed to get a safe and effective workout every time
What is Yoga and Pilates?


Yoga aims to bring balance to both mind and body so your sessions will include postures to improve mobility, upper and lower body strength and flexibility. The hour long yoga ends with a full relaxation.


You will challenge your core strength, mobilise your joints and improve your posture and flexibility. Pilates to Relax has the additional benefit of using equipment such as foam rollers and soft massage balls designed to work into your tight areas and knots.

Please bring your own mat to the Dormans Club, St Margaret's Church and Thursday's Yoga.