Alex: I chose Flexifitness because there was no commitment to sign up for a block of classes. I'd never been to a yoga class previously so was initially daunted, I was convinced I wouldn't be any good. After 9 months of regular weekly classes I've really noticed a difference. I've got much more upper body and leg strength and I can finally touch my toes! The classes are great for every ability, everyone is made to feel welcome. The double yoga/Pilates on a Tuesday is great and I can recommend the meditation classes that Emma occasionally runs, you really feel good afterwards.

Anth: I decided to try yoga to help recover from an episode of depression/anxiety; I also knew I needed to be more physically active. Emma was recommended by a friend and I've loved it since my first class. My mind clears and I feel so relaxed after each class. As well as that my fitness and movement are improving. Some of the poses are challenging but Emma creates a fun environment and helps you through. Yoga's non-masculine reputation doesn't bother me; I've found a physical activity that helps my mental well-being. I'm sure I'll be doing yoga for a long time to come. Give it a go!

Gill: Pilates was recommended to me last year by back specialist at James Cook when I went for MRI. He told me it was the best thing for my back so I went online, found FlexiFitness, Yoga & Pilates. I went along and have never looked back. Emma was so welcoming & is a great teacher. Everything she does is designed for your capabilities; never making you do more than you are able but really encouraging you all the time. Best thing I ever did & wish I'd done it sooner. I recommend Emma to everybody; she's fabulous. If you've problems with your back give her a try; you won't be disappointed

Justine: I have been attending Pilates sessions with Emma for over 4 years now after suffering with back problems. I have found it helps my everyday activities and has ensured I could continue to work. Then, Emma introduced Trigger Point for Bad Backs which is like having the best sports massage and makes me feel relaxed. It is by far the most beneficial class for someone who suffers with injuries, aches and pains in my opinion. It helps too that Emma makes it fun but with a personal touch. Would highly recommend it.

Jackie: I attend Fitness Pilates with Matt and I love it, I feel so relaxed afterwards but at the same time I know I've worked! Everything is clearly explained and I was made to feel very welcome, having never done Pilates before I wasn't sure what to expect but it was great and I recommend his sessions to everyone!

Laura: I love going to yoga and pilates, especially Trigger Point for Bad Backs. It's such a fantastic way to unwind after a busy day and exercise at the same time! I enjoy the core work on rollers and the use of the "spikey balls" to release that tension and have noticed how much more relaxed I am- I have even taken it into the workplace! Emma is great and modifies moves to suit our needs, pushing us further if we want to push ourselves.

Sue: I am a 67 year old with children and grandchildren who has always had the philosophy to keep fit to live well. I took up running as a 37 year old and have run the London marathon and just completed my 27th Great North run. I am very fortunate not to have any areas of discomfort despite having had major surgery on both feet in the last 5 years. I am convinced that taking up Pilates/yoga 4 years ago has helped my ageing body to allow me to do all I want to do. Emma is an inspirational teacher thoroughly professional but just as importantly hugely fun! I have been an aerobics instructor in the past and I value the way everyone is made to feel good about themselves creating a hugely positive effect rather than a negative one which could affect many people particularly as we get older. I am always telling people about these great classes and I would encourage anyone to try a few sessions I am sure you would benefit on so many levels!

Renate: I've been going to Emma's yoga classes for two years and also have her as a personal yoga instructor, I have enjoyed the classes a lot and have noticed a huge difference in my body from flexibility and strength. I highly recommended both Emma and Matt, classes have different levels of capability so it doesn't matter if you're new to yoga or been doing it for years each class works for all

Carl: I really enjoyed doing yoga and Pilates with Emma. The yoga was very relaxing and Pilates helped me stretch my muscles and combat stiffness as well as tone my back and tum a bit. Doing Pilates was a great way of staying fit and pain-free as I sit at a desk a lot and get back trouble if I'm not careful. Thanks for all the entertaining sessions, Emma - they often made me grin, too.

Louise: I started to attend Emma's Pilates class to help build core strength to assist with my running, following physio's advice yoga was suggested as a good form of injury prevention. I currently attend the Wednesday evening class. Emma is an excellent instructor, explains every move in detail and ensures the positions are being held correctly for maximum benefit and she always asks if anyone has any areas they need targeting. The classes are also good fun, Emma has an excellent rapport with the whole group.

Jude: I enjoyed Trigger Point for Bad Backs tonight, the work with the spiky balls on upper back, shoulder and neck has given me a good, deep massage and eased the tension in those areas. I'll be able to repeat those at home between sessions. Loved the roller work as usual -great for releasing pressure in the back and relaxing to lie on at rest. As an additional benefit of regular trigger point sessions, I feel my balance has improved.

Sarah: I attend the Tuesday 6.15 class and would say that it is my weekly slice of stress busting exercise. As a busy, working parent of two, 45 minutes makes me feel re-energised, re-aligned and relaxed, I love it! Thankyou!

Gill: I could hardly walk up the stairs when I started with flexifitness nearly two years ago! Regular exercise through the Yoga and Pilates classes has improved my ability to move,without pain from Sciatica! I find Trigger Point works on areas that 'could' become troublesome before they actually do.

Angela: Pilates for bad backs helps keep my back flexible it's good to do in a setting with a teacher who can keep a check on the correct movements and make it light hearted instead of hard work. If you have reduced energy or stamina half a hour is doable.